A Wine Spritzer Worth Drinking!

Whether trying to cut down on calories or expenses ~ or just trying to cut down on alcohol consumption – hahahahahaha! ~ I have finally perfected a refreshing wine spritzer!  My favourite summertime refreshment is a traditional Lillet cocktail, which is Lillet Blanc French aperitif wine poured over ice with an orange slice floating on top, but Lillet is so expensive! One bottle will only make 4-5 cocktails, so I had to come up with an alternative. The elderflower syrup also works great for me because of my fondness for St~Germain Cocktails. By the way, I always make my own fizzy water (because I use a LOT of it!) with a Soda Stream carbonater. Had it for years and love it!

2016-06-27 15.22.51

1 part cheap white wine (I use Pinot Grigio out of a box!)
1 part fizzy water or club soda
Elderflower syrup
Lemon juice

I like to make 1/2 a liter at a time, which requires about 8.5 ounces of wine and 8.5 ounces of fizzy water. To this, I add about 5 caps-full of the Elderberry syrup. ALL ingredients must be cold.


This can also be done on a glass-by-glass basis as well using 2-3 caps-full of elderflower syrup to taste. (This is available from Amazon, btw.)

2016-06-27 15.17.42To the measured wine, add a few caps-full of syrup then pour an equal measure of fizzy water.

Squeeze in the lemon juice (or a quarter of a lemon!) and stir.  Enjoy~

2016-06-27 15.21.10

2016-06-27 15.22.18